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Fuel Season 1: Episode 17 - Going All-In

We're 2 weeks into the new year and the top 2 racers in the series are already set for all-out war!

20th of January – Season 1 Mandla was barely listening as Touch Mkhize spoke. It wasn’t on purpose. He was simply distracted. Lucky for him, he already knew most of what Touch was talking about. As one of his guests tonight on Talking with Touch , he was familiar with what Touch was saying, preparing him for the show. But currently, Mandla was more concerned with his other guest on...Read On


Silent Movie

Please don't do this, I was thinking but he did.

I had plans for my time in lock-down, today. First, breakfast and then the usual ablutions. After some dusting and cleaning, I had decided to sit down and get to grips with some writing but, the best-laid plans and all that...   I was in no hurry. I didn't get up early and ambled slowly through the preparation of the first planned task.   My house is situated at the top of a hillside above...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 16 - Season's Greetings

Five weeks have passed and the F-X racers of Fuel are back, but are they better than ever...?

13th of January – Season 1 “Season’s greetings, Stevie.” When Darcy Stevens looked up to see who had greeted her, she’d nodded and smiled at the fan while secretly judging them. She hated when people used that expression after more than a week into the new year. But what was she going to do? It had become customary. Stevie was currently standing at a concession stand in the...Read On


The Farmers

The enemy envoy approached the border-lands of Amoria. The land was as bountiful as it was beautiful. Lush vegetation grew along the rolling hills, springing forward in full bloom. Calm lakes with their surfaces like mirrors reflected the mountain tops on the horizon. As the envoy marched further into the land, they were pleased to see there was no resistance. No guard posts, or legions...Read On



She.   He stopped texting her, all of a sudden. She could not understand why, since he had asked her to be his completely, to belong to him out of her own will. She had found this disturbing and enticing at the same time. The nature of her feelings for him drove her to him in ways others would not have thought possible. These others would maybe have felt asphyxiated by his demands but in...Read On


The Terribly Cool

A parody



Fuel Season 1: Episode 15: Reality Check

It's the mid-season finale as one racer looks to the Greek "gods" of old to bring him good fortune.

9th of December - Season 1 Juan van Zonder fell into the water and immediately felt the desperate need to get some air. Even with the waves throwing him in every direction, he battled to the surface before taking a huge gulp of air. Not a moment later, another huge wave was sweeping him through the water. But that’s not what worried the man. What worried him was that he’d lost track...Read On


Like A Lamb

Day One She smelled like strawberries. He didn't know if it was her shampoo or perfume or just some natural mysterious scent from her skin, but she smelled sweet and hugged him so hard that he could feel her heart racing against his own. And right before she pulled away he couldn't help but try to remember the last time someone had embraced him like this even though they were very familiar...Read On


Jenn's First Report - The Dirty Dozen

Jenn recounts what she remembers to Dr Ingram with Dirk as support.

As Dirk came into the laboratory Jenn was sitting on the bed with a glass of water. Dr Ingram was sitting on a chair next to her bed holding a clipboard. Jenn turned and looked up at Dirk, as their eyes met she shakily greeted him, "Hey Dirk, looks like you saved my life again." "It's good to see you awake Jenn. We have been worried about you," Dirk replied as he moved into the room and sat...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 17.

She wanted to cry but there were no tears, just an intense pounding in her temples.

Innsbruck, December 20 th 1943   The young woman opened her eyes. Where on earth was she? In the gloom, she could make out twisted and mangled pipes, many with steam hissing from the fractures. Loops of wires hung down from above and, worse still, the room seemed to be full of bricks and rubble. Great slabs of concrete also hung down with twisted and bent wires poking out...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 14: The Next Claimant

With the next PPV just around the corner, 2 top contenders bid their claim on the F-X Throne

2nd of December - Season 1 Solo Magubane sighed as he looked at his watch, the minutes ticking away as he waited outside the clothing shop. Thinking now, in hindsight, he realized that it might have been a bad idea to agree to give this guy a ride to the Fuel Speedway. After all, weren’t all the other F-X racers supposed to be the enemy? But he couldn’t help it. He’d been raised to...Read On


Baby I Love Your Way

If it hadn't been raining that day, I would never have caught the bus and consequently never met up with Ben again. We first met five years earlier, in the summer of 1978. It was the night of my best friend's twenty-first birthday party. We all had similar celebrations during our final year at university. Mostly they took place in one of the city's small airless clubs. Emma though had...Read On


Facial Discrimination

We don't realize how many things are out of our control, until we do...

Whiskers. Tween innuendo. Both are emotionally irrational fears for those that don’t understand. I know this because of another scary unknown, Novel Coronavirus. Yes, this viral xenophobia is real, it’s terrifying, and being told to socially distance, correction, physically distance, voluntarily isolate, and if needed, self-quarantine ourselves, is new ground for most of us. But if one...Read On


Daddy's Little Princess

She was just a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time

Never in my life did I imagine that I would get caught up in a crime, let alone a robbery. kidnapping and now, possibly murder. How the fuck did this happen! Why me? I'm not rich, I don't work for a bank. I'm just a girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time! I needed to go to the bank to finish my application for a small business loan. I did all I could online, but they said I...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 13: Long Live the King

King Thawn takes note of the serious threat to his Crown and takes steps to stop it

25th of November - Season 1 Nine weeks. That’s how long it had been since Thawn Oberhauser had become Formula-X King. And ever since that day, he had been living life to the fullest. Gone were the days where he drove himself to the Fuel Speedway; went to Catering himself to get something to eat or spoke to anyone on the Formula-X Racing Club Committee besides Moodswing himself....Read On


A New England



Show-Down - A Fuel Story

For the 1st time ever, the F-X racers take to the down town streets of Ngelosi in this exciting PPV

24th of November – Season 1 Mandla Xulu had always been a fan of motorsport. Like many South Africans just like him, for years growing up, he would have done anything to have South Africa represented in the top racing series. So, when Mandla heard about this weekly formula-one-like racing series that played on Monday nights, Mandla was intrigued. While Mandla had been too busy to...Read On


Dirty Dozen Debrief

Dr. Ingram debriefs the Dirty Dozen

Dr Ingram sat on a stool at the front of the team gathered in laboratory #1. The team was all there, including Jenn still sedated on the bed. The boss sat in the far back, he had wheeled his office chair all the way through the facility to have it for this debrief. Comfort could be accommodated when he recognized it as a priority. Dirk was in the middle of the front semicircle, directly...Read On


Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,  You know how when you put your whole self into something or you give all you can that day, even if it’s not much, it still feels like a whole lot to you? And you know, how you feel so good about yourself for a minute because you think you did a lot and gave it your all but come to find out you're not doing even half of what normal people are?  None of that probably makes sense...Read On


Scamp's Adventures #8 : A Halloween Adventure

What spooky Halloween Adventure



The Watcher

...when I awoke he would be there, watching me through my bedroom window.



Before The Tragically Hip made it big

Before The Tragically Hip made it big

This is a true story about teenagers helping other teenagers during a band project. This story connects Edmonton with what is now described as an Iconic Canadian Band... THE TRAGICALLY HIP.  On March 23, 1988, some friends and I were looking for whatever experience we could have, when someone saw a poster that a band called The Tragically Hip was doing a gig at Dancing Shoes, a small bar on...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 12: The Amazing Grace Strikes Back

Penny Potgieter learns that revenge is a dish best served cold...

18th of November – Season 1 “What do you mean I have to face her tonight!? You said that I had already qualified for the drag race at the pay-per-view.” These were the words coming out of Penny Potgieter’s mouth as she angrily spoke them to Glen in his office. “Penny, calm down,” said Glen as he explained the events that transpired just a week ago that led to her and Brenda having a...Read On


Magical Deception

No one must ever know.



Fuel Season 1: Episode 11: Stakes of the Derby

After hitting the boiling point last week, Kloof and Kieck lay their stakes for the upcoming Derby

13th of November – Season 1 The One Kilometer Derby: that was what Glen had called it last week, Jim remembered. While he’d kept it to himself at the time, Jim had to go and look up what a derby was because he’d only ever heard it used to describe soccer matches and horse races. When he found out what it was, he was surprised to find that the term worked well for their upcoming...Read On


The Collection

Hand hovering over the door handle, Lucy pauses. The smell of burned plastic makes her gag and she winces as she imagines the scene beyond. The fire has destroyed her once-pristine dining room, although she acknowledges, it had been unusable for a while. Six months to be exact. Ever since Tim moved his collection in. “Only temporary,” he’d said when she protested. “Just while I sort them out.” ...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 10: In Love and War

Things finally get to a boiling point between Kloof and Kieck as the two engage in a chaotic chase!

4th of November – Season 1 “How did it feel to lose in front of your kid and your hot wife?” Those were the words running through John Kloof’s mind as his legs moved at a serious pace with his heart beating even faster. He wasn’t just running, he was chasing. No, he wasn’t chasing… he was hunting . And the man he was chasing was his enemy, his sworn enemy! Jim Kieck. It was him who...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 16.

“Scheißer, there's a bomb!”

Innsbruck, December 19 th 1943   Apart from the thin shaft of light, Maria lay in almost complete darkness. Suddenly she began to feel afraid. Alone and afraid. What if no-one found her? Once more she tried to pull herself free from the heaviness which held her but it was no good, she didn't have the strength. Whatever was holding her was across her stomach. It wasn't so much...Read On


Fuel Season 1: Episode 9: Claim to the Throne

The only thing better than being King? Getting a shot at being King. Will Brenda capitalize on hers?

28th of October – Season 1 Brenda Koek: Number One Claimant. It has a good ring to it , thought Brenda as she waited patiently in Catering for her meal to be prepared. It had been a long two months for Brenda but after Moodswing and Glen had approached her last night at the Trick or Treat following Hallow’s Eve to tell her that she would be headlining tonight’s episode of Fuel,...Read On


Retired Musician Offers Accommodation To Couple In Exchange For Household Duties

For Anya and Jason the advert was a dream come true. Jason could accept the well paid job in the city, while they saved for a home of their own.  Anya liked to keep house. Jason liked to work. Each afternoon the musician sat playing his guitar while she cleaned. Tidying a cupboard she discovered some old records with his picture on the cover. One day he suggested a trip to the City Mall....Read On