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The Raft

Memories of summer can last forever

"I can't!" My voice, high and strident, carries out across the water. "Sure you can; come on, try." My sister's voice, low and calm, comes to me clearly. "No, I can't." "But you did last year." Last year. Perhaps. But this is now, and I know I cannot do it. I don't answer her. "Come on, just try." Still no answer. "Do you want me to come and get you?" My teeth are chattering together...Read On

Recommended Read

Insomnia's Children

What happens to all those characters who are never written down?

He comes first, lumbering out of the gloomy shadows. Half-asleep, I try to protest, but his fist curls around my collar and he yanks me out of bed. He is the hardened villain of my nightmares who both terrifies and fascinates me. Right now, terrified wins. I give a feeble squeak, which I can't blame him for ignoring. "Where's my story?" growls the nameless villain, bearded face forced...Read On


Dog's Bollocks

It is funny the things you come across when reading about punctuations.

I learned recently about what may be the earliest emoticon. It was interesting as I researched the information. I learned about history, typography, and how humans have changed their attitudes. It is all about an archaic typographical mark consisting of a colon followed by an en dash or em dash. It appears like this : – or : — and is referred to as ‘dog’s bollocks’ because of its resemblance...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Fantastic Voyage of Bellingham Sam

Viewed through rose-colored glasses, it turned into the perfect family vacation...

Coffee. What Sam needed was coffee. He was a walking zombie, desperate for caffeine. It was a condition of his own making, he had to admit, since he was the one who'd wanted to drive on their family vacation instead of flying. And so they had spent more than 40 percent of their holiday — two days down and two days back — stuffed into a Hyundai Sonata, a car which seemed roomy enough during...Read On

Editor's Pick


It would be a much darker world without choice.

A female has moved into my territory, a healthy young blonde, ripe for breeding and bearing good child. She could be my mate, once I've captured her, subdued her and proved my worth as her man. Sounds easy enough, but this female is small, flighty and quick. One stray sound and she's off like the wind, racing through shadows to seek cover amongst the ruins and rubble. I've no hope of...Read On


A Little Fat Fairy Tale (Part One)

A tale of ugliness, beauty, loss and love.

Once upon a time, there was a little fat fairy. She was a short, squat, roly-poly puddin’ and pie fairy, with a little brown mop of hair, a rounded potato nose, a wobbly tummy, and fat little arms and legs that made her look like a Dandelion Clock with tapered limbs. (It must be pointed out here that the Dandelion Clocks always took exception to that description, as they were much more...Read On


My Almost Intimate Massage

A fictional blog entry...

« Did the Waitress Just Wink at Me? Today, dear readers, the exploration of my sexual identity continues. As you loyal bloggies — if people who write blogs are bloggers, those who read them must be bloggies, right? — are aware, it's a topic that has been on my mind lately, basically ever since I cast off my third boyfriend in six months. (For the record, the orgasm ratio in those...Read On


The Crèche

What had become of a treasured family keepsake?

Becky Patterson arrived at the coffee shop short of breath after hurrying from the only parking spot she'd been able to find, five blocks away. Her hair disheveled and face rosy from the brisk walk, she slid into a seat opposite her sister and gratefully accepted the mug of steaming liquid pushed toward her. "Sorry I'm late. I thought I'd allowed enough time to get here, but I wasn't counting...Read On


The Fish, the Witch, and the Mermaid

A cute little story about a little boy turned into a fish

There once was a fish  from Grayling Michigan,  Who wished with all his heart to be a little boy again. But an evil Sea Witch had cast a spell and When next he awoke he had fins and a tail! His mommy and daddy he thought missed him a lot He was four foot tall with a frog named Sir Lancelot! He missed his friends and even his bedroom And all of his cars that went ...Read On


High School Hijinks

The prankster strikes again. This time he is in High School.

We all remember high school. It was filled with fond memories of friends, first loves, teachers, bullies, jocks, cheerleaders, snobs, nerds, geeks, socialites and the rest of the students. There was one group who stood out from all the rest. This group or in some rare cases an individual was the “prankster”. The prankster was the person who teased and coaxed others to be targets of...Read On


Dream Job (Everyman's fantasy)

A leading expert in his field lands the job of a lifetime...or does he?

This story contains mature themes * * * The California Board of Education meeting once again ran late into the night. The stale air became stifling in the August evening, as the air conditioning units had been shut down over an hour ago. Tempers started to flare, as discussions had become as hot as the California sunshine. Arguments were heard and heard again with no end in sight. ...Read On


As Twilight Tide Draws Nigh....Part 2

A story of love and tragedy in the last days of World War II

Part 2 picks up the story directly ehere Part 1 ended. Afternoon came and with it a gentle breeze. As they drove, the cloudless sky looked to Josef bluer than he could ever remember seeing it. As their Daimler passed by, the trees that lined the roadway seemed almost to bow to them, each offering its shade and inviting them to stop. The rolling hills too seemed somehow more welcoming while...Read On

Recommended Read

Sexual Healing

Can love really conquer all? A love every sense...originally posted under 67Goat...

I recall the evening as if it were yesterday, even though it's been over ten years. I stared down at the table and mindlessly picked at my food while my wife sat silently across from me. Nancy and I had been married almost 25 years at the time. We had been through so much together in those years, good times and bad. Of all that we had been through together, nothing was as tough as this. I...Read On


A Fairy Tale chapter two

A human in the land of magic

This is the second chapter of an ongoing story You may not understand it unless you start at the first chapter Art turned to Rodel and Lani and asked, “Okay, now what?” “ Oh no, Art. You're not rid of me yet.” stated Lord Cyral, “You and I have many items to go over before I'm done here. Do you think I didn't notice how closely you followed when I cast the spell to open the...Read On


Love's Transition

From love’s lie to love’s truth.

I felt numb. I needed clean clothes and a shower. I felt.... dirty. I needed to stop seeing Billy entwined with that woman as though their two bodies were one. The harder I tried not to think about it, the more I saw all the details in my head. I could still see her legs lifted across his shoulders. I could still hear the primitive sounds of their passion escaping their throats and her...Read On


Cannibal Buffet

It's dinnertime for the Unger's at their favorite restaurant, the Home Body Buffet

By DiVitto Kelly “I’m famished," proclaimed Bob Unger, eager to chow down with his wife and two children as they patiently waited to be seated at the restaurant. “Well, you’ve come to the right place,” replied the spunky brunette hostess, overhearing the hefty man wearing blue jeans and red checkered flannel shirt. “This way, sir.” The Home Body Buffet was a favorite dining jaunt...Read On


What Happens in Vegas, Part 2 (Continued)

The Vegas adventure continues.

After a good meal, a movie and a nap I awoke ready to play. I decided tonight to head to the Strip. The hotel concierge told me that the bus was the cheapest way to go, and the layover was next to the post office located at the end of the block. So I headed out and walked the few blocks and found the layover. I questioned the driver of the bus that was there about the cost to ensure I...Read On

Editor's Pick

He Had Blue Eyes

That summer, it was too hot. We didn’t have a thermometer, and even if we had, the little red lines and numbers wouldn’t have meant much to me. But I knew that it wasn’t normal. It couldn’t be. By the time the church clock struck ten it was already too stifling to venture outside. The sun had swelled to an angry pulsing ball of fire which I had come to regard as evil, lancing my eyes with...Read On

Editor's Pick

Storybook Lovers

So few words, for so much passion ....

My storybook lover is romantic, he would never hurry his sweetheart in a love scene, but tonight I want him to... "Make love to me, darling. In one hundred words or less." "Micro fiction?" "Yes." "Get your skirt off then." I begin slowly undoing the buttons on my... "Just do it, don't describe it." "It has to be sexy." "But you're using all the words up!" "Don't shout at me." ...Read On


Last Day Aboard Ship

Chapter 1 - The days starts great, but quickly goes to turds because men are so stupid.

The wake-up alarm sounded in my quarters. That irritating oddly pitched buzz filled my head as my mind drifted into consciousness. They have scientifically created the sound that our hearing and brains can’t ignore. I think it is a combination of a baby’s cry, the sound of a cat whose tail is stepped on, and a nagging wife all rolled up into one sound, and then add a little screech of...Read On

Editor's Pick

Lynette's World

The World of Light and Dark

Lynette Baxter was born a beautiful child with light brown hair and blue eyes as most babies are, one of thousands born that same day. Not an unusual birth, except, of course, to her parents who were completely enthralled with her arrival. She was a cute normal baby. If she had stayed that way who knows what would have happened or wouldn't have happened. Lynette advanced normally through...Read On

Editor's Pick

Of War and Peace and Mary Beth

Tired of war, he wanted life, peace, and Mary Beth

The smiling, long legged brunette in the photo leaned against the door of a familiar car. One hand held a set of keys against her freckled cheek while the other seemed to toy with the unfastened snapof impossibly skimpy white shorts. In between, an unbuttoned olive-drab, US Army fatigue shirt was spread just wide enough to give a teasing peek at the swell of her firm young breasts. The...Read On


Haunted Woods

Don't go into the woods alone.

The walk seemed different today. I lived near these woods almost all my life. I played in the woods. I built many little hovels using branches and undergrowth as cover. Instead of going through neighbor's yards to get to the woods, I walked down the street to the private road that bisected the woods. A local university owned the woods and the road. The university received the woods in...Read On


The Pact

He thinks he's being funny. The sound gradually increases on the iPod deck, the rhythmic bass of Steeler's Wheel echo off the bare walls. My brother turns to me and grins. He's got two left feet and a spastic hip, completely off-beat. I feel a chill. It settles deep within my bones as my flesh and blood, my brother, my twin, my best friend, awkwardly dances towards me with a knife...Read On

Editor's Pick

I Am The Deep, Dark Woods

Picture prompt 2

I am the dark and spooky woods. Oh, please, don’t be afraid. Just because you see overhanging branches and tangled brambles, darkness and no way out, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hurt you. I really do quite like visitors, actually. Come, enjoy my clearly set out paths. You may want to take a flashlight, though. There was this one person who forgot their flashlight. In fact, he hadn’t any...Read On


Dracula: The Stage Play or a great Halloween memory.

Playing Dracula on stage

In 1985 I would face my biggest challenge theater wise. It was to audition and win the role of Count Dracula ,the Fall play at a local community theater. Now, I had done multiple appearances during Halloween as The Count promoting the Jaycees haunted house attraction. I had cut numerous radio commercials, but his would be different. Having only one production to my credit I went to...Read On


Antonio and the Very Long Spaghetti

A young pasta lover meets his match.

“What’s for lunch, Mamma?” asked Antonio. “Your favorite, dear – spaghetti!” she answered. “Bravo!” cried Antonio, clapping his hands. Antonio loved pasta, and most especially spaghetti. He sat at the table on the terrace, and his mother brought him a heaping plate of spaghetti. Antonio joyfully slurped the first piece of spaghetti, waiting for it to slap sauce against his cheek...Read On


How I Got My First Goat

The troubles I had to go thru to get my pet goat.

To set this story in the proper time and place, I have to take you back to my teen years. Back a few years to my first encounter with a goat. I was visiting a friend on the outskirts of the City. Margaret was getting us some nice cold drinks while I sat on the back steps of her house. She lived right next to a farm that had a pen full of goats, and I could see them from the steps. There looked...Read On

Recommended Read

If Ignorance is Bliss...

If ignorance is bliss, then ignoring someone can be blissful...

The first day of June that year had ushered in a heat wave that, as it turned out, would last for three months. No one knew it then of course, which was just as well. We all struggled through the hot, muggy days, shuttling back and forth from air-conditioned homes to air-conditioned workplaces, usually by means of air-conditioned transportation. It was supposed to be the best time of year and...Read On


The Long Road Home. Chapter 8.

“Don't be afraid, Ilsa. They won't bomb us this time.”

Rome. September 19 th 1943   The repairs to the compound and the security arrangements were completed in a few days and the soldiers left with only a handful of men remaining to guard the entrance. The orderlies were replaced with German medics which left just Maria, Katarina and Ilsa as the only Red Cross nurses. Along with the medics, more equipment arrived and one of the...Read On