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Loneliness Stories


There is this place. Magical. Mythical. Legendary. A place where, The breeze is warm. Where the scent of lavender fills the air. A place where, When you close your eyes, Only the hum of bees, And the chirping of birds is heard. There is this place. Where...


my heart is empty

my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing ever to grow.   my heart is empty. my heart is stone. not a single crack. nothing will ever grow. no more loss to bear.   my hear...


Hello old friend

HallwaysHello old friend .I see you haven't changed.Dark and lonely.Shall we walk again.Talk softly I've learned.Our past is never far.Yes we met long ago.Red line to follow.Stealer of sleep you are.Bringer of memories.Where are the good.For you reveal on...

Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 12

Katarina was losing her mind. For three days she had no-one to talk to and nothing to do.

Trieste. June 8th, 1941   As promised, on the morning of her departure, Willi had arrived at the front of the building on the dot of nine. The black SS staff car shone like a mirror in the sunlight and Katarina watched from her window as the Mercedes came...


The wanderer is awed by a thunderstorm rolling across the prairie

The storm was building in the distance, but there were stars directly overhead. I had sat out enjoying the warm evening and marveling at the wind waves through the short grass prairie. Evening comes with a storm building to the west. The blanket I lay on...

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The Fool

In search of friendship, i'm always the fool by my caring nature upon others ...

I'm tired of being made a foolof those silent nightsmaking my mind think terrible wordsa friendship blossomingbut just like the flowers that grow with waterit all withers and dies in the endwords once spokenof opening oneself to a brave new world of someo...

The Smiling Mask

This mask I wear, hides the truth of what lays beneath.

This smiling mask I wearUpon my face for you all to seeHides the anguish beneathAnd the swelling tears in my eyesWhen I look in the mirrorIt's not the one you see before youBut the real face beneathAnd that truly scares meThe harsh cold that surrounds meO...