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The Drawer

For anyone who has ever struggled with self harm, things do get better

There is a drawer in my house and homethat stays shut since some time agoIt's contents known to no one but me aloneTruth be told I do look some days, but say noI slowly ease on the pull and slide it out.Looking in I see the black zippered caseWhat's insid...

I feel in color.Color my feelings and shade them in. Paint my heart and lips red. Brush my mind with bright colored strokes. Prisms of light touch my soul when you color my skin. Crimson prints your fingers leave on my heart. Sunbursts bloom in my eyes wh...

Heart-Mind Perils

Mind-Heart-Heart-Mind- MInd- Urghh.

Understanding the human mind isn't difficult as compared to understanding the human heart. The heart is crazier than the mind. Mind is black and white, but the heart is gray. You apply your mind to definite things, to decision making, where logic is neces...

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I listen to the rain The tears start to fall As I hear the loud thunder My body begin to shake as I weep The storm rages on and on louder and louder It is all consuming The storm within me begins to take control The storm and I become one It is part of my...

A numb Heart, Numbed through the pain, It has endured. And hardened, To not feel emotions, It should not feel. This heart, Has long forgotten, True emotions. True emotions, Are hard to gain, When you have, Lost them for so long. But they can, Be slowly re...

Ashes of Love

Embers of love, never totally burn out.

Quiescent, black pieces lay, Beneath mounded ashes grey.Awaiting breezes to play,Once more they will allay. Underlying emotions, the embers,Heat of the flame, one remembers.Coals left, outlast flaming timbers. Never hardening hearts or tempers. Cinders ne...

Crystal Prison

Much of the lines and inspiration came from the album Awake by Dream Theater

Crystal Prison Caught in a web of feelingsWoven by arachnoid emotionsUpside down, staring at ceilingsWhirling thoughts like stormy oceans Got to get out of this crystal prison on my ownAnd I won’t get out 'till I figure it outWalls deflecting thoughts til...

Heart beating, slowly, in her chest. She can hear it- like the pounding of a drum. It aches, physically, because of the pain emotionally. What happened? What set her off? The pain radiates in electric waves through her whole body. She does not know what t...

what is love

what love does

love is joy, it is pain, it is hurt, it is hate, it is death, it is thunder and lighting, it is the rain, it is one of the things that makes life so great. love can make you feel small or ten feet tall, it will make your heart sing or leave it laying in a...