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Tears Stories


Proof of Life Chapter 3

Nagisa and Aaron just talk to each other.

Treatment Three I can't believe I lost my temper in front of him! What if he thinks I'm childish? Wait, no. That's what I am. A child. Nothing will ever change that right now. I wonder if he would think I'm disgusting if he knew that I was gay? "Nagisa."...

Confusion of the Heart

Decisions that I don't want to make

Confusion of the heart My soul is aching My heart Hear it breaking You are my heart Always and forever I'm hurting and crying We're no longer together You can't pick and choose I have a choice to make I have to do what's best What option do I take? Contac...

My Angel That Is you

I wish you had added a note, so I know it;s you?

I got a letterIn the postFrom one I love the mostBut what does it mean?I don't understand?Did you send it?Or did he to be underhand?I hope it was from youBut there was no noteI want it to be trueAnd not sent by him to gloatAre you reaching out?Should I se...

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Anguish of Love

Words said in anger are sharper than any scalpel.

It just came out of the blue With such venom and malice. The words of anger and contempt. They tore and ripped at my heart and soul. The sound of the words died, However, the effect and damage ravages on. I hide the sadness and regret. Shed many tears in...


I'm in a lot of pain

This pain is not going away, I can't deal with it right now. I hope it goes away today,Sweat is forming on my brow. The pain feels like knives,Shooting through my face.I don't know how I survive,It really feels like a rat race. In addition to the pain,I j...

She knew not to let him see her cry. Many times before he had gotten upset and told her not to cry. She knew it would disappoint him and that was the last thing in the world she wanted to do. She kept her head down and continued to do her work. Thinking s...

Where Tears Reign

A plea from somebody with depression who seeks understanding for what she can't explain.

Here tears reign,And Self cannot be pulled togetherWhen Self is screaming, torn asunder,Where empty shell is welling up whilstEyes of others rollAgainst the failings of thisSelfish child,So called becauseShe cannot rule whatOthers hide and stow away.'Mids...

some of us write,not with ink,even keyboards have no place,in our writing.we write with our tearsblooded tears,tears given birth to by pain,fathered by our sorrow,and created by our suffering.tears that leaves other tears crying.all the waters in the worl...