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Our songs category is for those songwriters, lyricists and composers among us to showcase their musical talent. From happy, love inspired tunes, to soul-searching break-up songs, this is the place to submit your original music. Submissions may be lyrics only or include an audio version of the song. You may also submit instrumental arrangements with an accompanying written description of the story behind your music.


Cloud Cuckoo Land

Carousel spinning round and round Painted horses guard the killing ground Houdini’s ghost lends a helping hand Save your prayers for Superman Charcoal skies and hornet’s nests Soldiers dressed in their Sunday best Behind them plays a marching band Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land   Mirrors reflect a blood red sea The lion tamer sips his tea Ribbon dancers comes undone Burning under...Read On


Christmas Whoopee

Father's major Christmas Worry

A lot of tinsel Kids wanting more Queues at the check-outs In every store What is the reason? Another season Another Christmas   Dad is defensive He knows the sign It's all expensive, The gifts, the wine. But Mom's not stopping She's gone out shopping Another Christmas   She's bought out Harrod's And M and S, She went through Wallmark Like an express So no one's missed out,...Read On


The Way You Are

You find so many people are bruising But you, you are mostly amusing I like the way you love. You do it like a foxglove. I like the way you dance. You do it like a stance. You find so many people are runny But you, you are mostly funny I love the way your hair flows, Spreading your style everywhere. You're like a style fountain. Enough zazz for a whole mountain. You find so many people...Read On



Seriously random poem/song with possible double meanings? Even I'm confused. ..



Two Blankets and a Stick

My annual contribution; a song I wrote for my cousin as a Christmas gift.

Well, I wrote the followin’ song for my cousin as a Christmas gift. She got kinda mad at me when I told her instead a payin’ the cemetery folk to put blankets on her mom and daddy’s grave to make ‘em easier to find in the snow, we could just drive big sticks into the ground. She’s gonna be buried with them, and she worried ‘bout how I might tend her grave if she went first. So I wrote...Read On


Dream Vacation

Sipping dirty martinis Watching girls in bikinis And strumming on my Les Paul Albert King ambles through Riffs ‘I’ll Play the Blues for You’ Man, I really got it all CHORUS It’s a dream vacation No place I’d rather be Yeah, a dream vacation Not sure where I’m at But it suits me Checking out pics From my Exakta 66 Can’t believe what I see Don’t remember all those Sometimes, that’s how it goes...Read On


There's no kisses with the dishes anymore

My future country and western song?



Darling, Kiss Me

Through my mind my life is flowing

This poem may be sung using the music of " La Complainte du Partisan " ("The Partisan"), a song about the French Resistance in World War II. The song was written in 1943 in London by Emmanuel d'Astier de la Vigerie (lyrics) and Anna Marly (music). It has been covered by numerous people, including the version by Leonard Cohen. My poem uses the music to create the flow of the words. ***** ...Read On


Did you guys remember?

Did you guys remember? On October 2, 2009, two years after the engagement, a beautiful girl was hit hard by a car accident, and her brain was severely damaged. Only two years old after her recovery and she can not take care of her life completely. But Chris her boyfriend never stops giving up. Chris later participated in the American Idol, in order to make more money for his girlfriend to...Read On


Table for two

I wrote this 2 years back, hope you will enjoy it

Table for two   Rise of the fallen Sleeping off dreams that were stolen Santa late for work, Santa down and snoring. Everybody needs a break sometimes, A reality check sometimes.  But the reality checks keep bouncing….. So I’m swallowing wrong pills Hoping this shit heals Sometimes two wrongs can make a right, Like two thongs can make my night. So I sit here wondering if I’m able  To pull...Read On


Our Remarkable Cabbage Love

This one's for you Lady Elizabeth! My love for you is like the most remarkable cabbage, Your face reminds me of repugnant butterflies, Together, we are like sandwiches and mayonnaise. Oh darling Elizabeth, My remarkable cabbage, My repugnant onion, The perfect companion to my sandwiches soul. Sunsets are red, Smurfs are blue, I like forests at dusk, But not as much as I love skipping...Read On



Everybody's gone out again Everyone has left me here Alone am I to trudge on through Thoughts and lonely fear They know not what they play with A composite soul of dread If only someone welcomed me As if they were one of the dead Oh, but what's this? Yet another being is here Come closer, dear friend Come closer, have no fear Why you appear to be fine Would you like a peek inside my mind?...Read On


Hiding Under

A song about vampires and vampire killers.

Sweet never eternal friend we`ll burn no more this is not the end   Hiding under we`ll escape the hunt Hiding under doing what we want   Vampire   Never coming out at day the thirst doesn`t last looking for victims prey now we`re cruising past   Hiding under we`ll escape the hunt Hiding under doing what we want   Vampire      ...Read On


My Nightmare Has Just Begun

A song I wrote mimicking the lyrical style of Carach Angren



Old Demons Laughing



Taxation to Heaven

Not for the easily-offended.



Frozen Tundra

Am I dreaming?

The snow was frozen, sparkling in the moonlight.What have I done? How did I lose sight? Did I walk away from the fight that night when you told me not to run? When will our time come? After I begged you to take flight. Broken promises Inside I scream Wake me from this dream When I get lost amongst the willingly tossed will you hear me shout your name? Will it sound the same as it did...Read On


Come fly with me

Swooping and soaring above the earth and its cares ...



Hopeless Dream

I don't want to hear it. All about how you became this way, Or any way at all. Face all the facts. It was your decision to make your life hell, And now you fall. But don't you tell me such a whiny story. I don't want to hear it, 'cause... Take away the drugs. Take away the booze. Take away the pain that's in the news. Take away the screaming. Take a way the fighting. What is left...Read On


Indian Princess

A woman comes to the end of her life

There’s this old tree stump out in the woods behind my house that I love to sit on. I first found it, at least, twenty years ago and sitting there has brought me much enjoyment for many seasons. When one takes the time to look, there are many wonders constantly taking place in the forest. Parts of the stump are long since rotted away, but there’s enough of the heart left to afford me a...Read On



Inspired by The Gazette's Pledge

Every time that I'm alone I can’t take it! My mind is screaming Now that I stand here Torn up thoughts like scraps of paper I can't do this I am suffocating Save me, I'm asking won't you please save me? I have been lost so long I feel cast away at sea Now my thoughts they swim, my mind sinking I need you to please, Need you to Save me... I'll try and surface from the...Read On

My 25th Beer Anniversary

A Country song where beer makes one woman really pretty

The woman in my life had just left me. She said I’m a loser and a perpetual drunk. I don’t know if she was degrading me. She’s ugly, but she sure had spunk. I went to the bar feeling lonely. My tail had no wag as I drank. A woman just sat down beside me. She asked me if she could be Frank. I said, “Frank, you can be who you want to. If you’d like I can buy you a...Read On

Audio version available

This wish I bring to you

Christmas time brings all that’s fine, this wish I bring to you. Happiness in all you seek and love the whole year through. Strength to help you through the roughest times and light to guide your way. It’s Christmas time and it’s love you find I offer you today. Every day, just not today, these things then matter too. Find peace and joy and happiness in everything you do. Take time to tell...Read On


In The Depth Of Her Eyes

Look into her eyes and see her true beauty.

A once empty heart now feels full Tugged by another soul’s pull Crossing the pass on a wire Warmed by another souls fire Look deep inside of her eyes Find beauty there few ever see Look and learn from her heart What others could not hope to be In the depth of her eyes When the first light of day fills the room You know she will have to leave soon Now your heart feels empty and torn You...Read On


Letting Go

Enough love was never enough.

We live our lives inside a dream Believe we know what it all means I tried to show you what I thought was real And can’t you see It’s hurting me I won’t let go And I want you to know That it’s you You mean that much to me Taking time to watch love grow Questioning what wouldn’t show I always told you just how much I cared Yet you won’t tell What your heart felt I’m letting go And I want...Read On


Don't Leave

You keep me on the edge of my seat You never try and shoot me down You always know just what to say To keep a smile on my face I'm singing please don't leave me on my own cause you're the one I wanna adore Please don't leave me by myself on my journey to who I become I may not know what I'm gonna be but I know that I want you there with me Please don't leave me I always seem to be on...Read On


Feeling The Music

A fum song to sing when up or down

Feeling The Music By Pirate60 Inspired By Mzhyper I hear a boom, boom, boom As the music fills the room It starts a beat, beat, beat That travels into my feet For the music is the magic, and magic is the beat It’s in my mind, it’s in my soul, a most harmonic treat And the joys that I’m feeling, of these I can not stop I’ll be move’n and groove‘n; and dancing till I drop On the...Read On


Forgiven one last Time

Days of the past slipping by. Time is running and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I caused so much pain, Or maybe it's because I'm losing you today. Only a few hours left before the night. I can't help but feel that this is the time. So much to say and no where to start. I guess I'll try tomorrow but, What if I never see the sunrise? What if I die tonight? It feels...Read On


Me Tale Song

It is a sea song

I be a ruthless pirate, I sings me a jolly good rhyme. In every port and bar I go, I haves me a bloody good time, On the sea I be bad, At least I pretends ta be. Yet, instead of this tankard of swill I drink, I’d rather have a spot of tea. I be known as Black Beard, The scourge of the briny deep. But the tales of me be exaggerated some, Like the treasures I did reap. ...Read On



Temptation You're like a drug that I could never get enough of You say my name it's like music to my ears You can't erase all of the things that you've done Well that's the thing I don't want you to change You're my temptation Just a little taste and I can't get enough You're like seduction You make me want to say yes You're like a song you can't help but repeat You...Read On